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Bruce Lee

Adam Kirk

Adam is an award winning producer of the short film “The Wrong Man”.
He adapts over twenty-five years experience in design management within consulting engineering to his Film Producing career that provides Adam the experience and crucial skills required for a successful career in this industry. 

Creativity and business combined, working both sides of the brain and driving projects from Ideas to Exhibition through purposeful collaborations is what excites Adam about film producing. In addition to providing creative input into the productions he highly enjoys taking responsibility for the legal, financial, and contractual elements of the productions.


Project management; Chain of Title; Scheduling; Budgets; Finance Plans, Resource Management; Team leadership; Client relations; Development/Pitch documents; Martial Arts; Fight Choreography; and Screenwriting (short form)

The Wrong man – SHORT FILM


Adam is proud to have received multiple awards around the globe for producing James Lingwood’s The Wrong Man. This short film is a Proof of Concept for a feature film of the same title. Adam produced the film together with Olivia Gane and James Lingwood.

Projects in development

A tale of three young heroines separated in time, connected by blood, all compelled to safeguard an ancient book of Goddess wisdom in a perilous quest for truth.

SAGA is a YA Mystery Adventure series based on the Systir Saga trilogy written by award-winning author Nikki McWatters.

AWGIE winning screenwriter Ally Burnham and co-writer Martha Goddard bring there writing expertise into the development of this project.